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The road to tomorrow was born from an idea: the idea of a world that renews itself, that looks forward. Post-apocalyptic media have forcefully returned to the scene in recent years, giving us windows into scenarios that until a few years ago, before the Covid-19 pandemic, we thought belonged to the collective imagination.

But history advances, moves inexorably, some questions are increasingly pressing: what will become of us, in a devastated world? Where we are? Who we are? And above all... what does tomorrow hold for us?

The road to tomorrow is a post-apocalyptic radio drama created by the Gioca Mistero association. Amateur actors, with different stories and personalities, give birth to a story which, even if it can be framed in post-apocalyptic fiction, leaves room for other questions. Recorded with amateur means, it will allow the public, after each episode, to decide the direction of some fundamental crossroads in the story, making the listeners the protagonists.

The road to tomorrow belongs to everyone.

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